Healing is a never-ending process of transformation, pure and simple.

So often we are lead to believe that if we are sick there is something wrong with us -
as though good health is some magical state that, once attained, is permanent.

But in truth, health is an ever-changing dynamic process.

We all have ups and downs in life & health. Why? Because innately we always strive
to be the best we can be; to evolve, grow and realize our greatest potential while
we're here. We are driven to do something with our lives that inspires us. But how?

My name is Kim Kalina and I have spent most of my life in a dynamic healing process of one kind or another, life experience which enables me to effectively support you during your own transformation.

In my late teens/early twenties it was recovering from a traumatic childhood with music & counseling. In my mid to late twenties I had a vaccine-damaged child and set about learning new ways to heal him, becoming a nationally certified and registered homeopath (CCH, RSHom NA) in the process.

By my early thirties I had a thriving classical homeopathy practice, and began teaching and mentoring others at several homeopathic schools. I started expanding my healing practice, driven by my own continually transforming self - flower essences, cell salts, Reiki, vocal toning/overtoning and singing bowls all found their way into my work.

Then as I neared my forties I met Tinus Smits and learned Inspiring Homeopathy (IH). This work reverberated throughout my life, culminating in my editing the final version of his Inspiring Homeopathy book shortly after his death in 2010, and then re-making the universal remedies associated with IH into C8 potencies to stimulate the deeper healing needed in our modern times.

As I look back on that time I see how much my life has changed since meeting Tinus. My son has grown into a healthy successful adult, I'm living independently and working in beautiful retreat-like settings, lost 50lbs, and am still teaching and mentoring colleagues, although now in addition to teaching for homeopathic schools, I am teaching Tinus' CEASE and Inspiring Homeopathy all over the world!

Why tell you all this? Because Inspiring Homeopathy was at the heart of what stimulated healthy dynamic change for me on every level, and it is the heart of my healing practice. And also because, if you are anything like me, you want to know that the person you choose to work with is authentic and works from experience - personal & professional.

Every one of these skills I have acquired over the years I have used on myself first; they are now available to you, to support you in transforming your life, so you too can feel happy, healthy and inspired! Contact me today to continue your healing journey...

Tinus Smits, MD

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