Follow The Breath

Peaceful bliss
alone, yet fully connected
powers of the Universe
ever balancing light, dark ~ empty, full
illusions of the human eye know no boundaries here
let go........relax........
let your spirit rejuvenate & find its way home.

Kim Kalina (2000)

Renewal – rebirth
the exquisite ecstasy
but true self is not found here
but in the peaceful calm
the quiet bliss that follows.
Revealed to no one but the eternal soul
a treasure not to be spoken
but fully embraced
and shared only through presence alone.

Kim Kalina (2000)

Heart of Iona

Pulse, heartbeat of life, love,
mother, nourishing breast of humanity
Know me…feel me…
Enter into my womb and be re-born
Reclaim who you are, your birth-rite,
the rite of passage that is your re-birth.
Claim it…own it…it is yours for the tasting.
Come unto me...be at peace…be at peace…be at peace…
Nothing to do, nothing to be
Sink into me, allow me into your Soul, your Be-ing…
Invite me in and be transformed in the cradle of my bosom.

Kim Kalina (2012)

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